Covid-19 Trading Update

01.02.2021 We are open for business. Staff and visitors entering AWEQH premises are required to adhere to strict recommendations issued by WA Local Government which include: • Wearing a mask in the workplace, including but not limited to the … Office … Workshop … Yard … While operating, loading and unloading machinery • Keeping a distance of 1.5m • Hand sanitising It is a requirement that all visitors check in using the SafeWA App regardless of how much time is spent on site.

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. – AESOP –

This week our generator provided power at the Christmas sit down meal service for 350 vulnerable people of Perth, held at the Supreme Court Garden. Being able to contribute and experience first hand the spirit of our amazing community and people (especially considering the challenges of this year) has been inspiring. Equipment: 20 KVA Generator #aweqh #allwestequipmenthire #generator #homlessnesswecareperth  

Aerate & Dethatch For A Healthy Lawn

Did you know, healthy lawns need to be aerated and dethatched? Spring time is a perfect time for it and we have the equipment you need to ensure your lawn thrives over the coming weeks. Equipment: Lawn Corer for aeration, Lawn Dethatcher

The game just changed

Loyalty isn’t bought. Loyalty is rewarded. In recognition of customer commitment and contribution to our business we have created a “Hire Rewards” program. The mechanics by design are simple. Sign up for a card and present it at the time of hire for the rewards to kick in. You can find out more and register HERE.

We have gone social….

… and we are not looking back! Not going to lie. Getting notification of a 👍🏻❤️😄🙌🏻 💬 on our posts gets us excited. So, if you are like us, then follow us on a platform/s of your choice and we will be happy to return the favour. Instagram Facebook LinkedIn You Tube